FlowMIM water treatment equipment: PoliMIM S-500


Equipment for solid-base polyelectrolyte preparation

FlowMIM is pleased to introduce its special equipment for processing polyelectrolyte in a solid base. PoliMIM is designed to optimise the flocculant preparation process and to meet water treatment sector requirements.

They are designed to be fully optimised for this purpose. The various models are compact units, with a washing and humidifying system that facilitates powder dissolution by increasing the sedimentation rate during the industrial water treatment process.

What does this process entail?

By increasing the descent speed, dissolution time is reduced, since solid particles are more easily drawn into the agitator, promoting hydration and homogenisation and thus preventing the formation of oversized aggregates. Additionally, it pours the right amount of polyelectrolyte powder to obtain this dissolution and adjusts the flow rate in order to reach an optimum degree of maturation.

Also worth noting is that these units have a built-in deflector screen system that allows you to select the particles that can pass from one stage to the next.

Components, parts and elements of PoliMIM equipment

  • Proportioning hopper.

  • Worm screw for product dosage at different speeds.

  • Flow regulation system.

  • Various rapid agitators.

  • Multi-compartment tank (varies depending on model).

  • Control panel.

  • 3 chambers: preparation, maturation, transfer.

  • Input kit: solenoid valves, pressure reducer, rotameter…

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