What is the most suitable agitator for an industrial chemical reactor?


The GFL agitator: designed to provide the best results in an industrial chemical reactor

The GFL agitator is one of the most comprehensive in the InoxMIM catalogue. The combination of various seals and propellers facilitates adaptation to different industrial chemical reactor tanks, ranging between 50 and 500,000 litres in capacity. These agitators are defined by their broad applicability and their exceptional agitation capacity, featuring multiple drive element configurations, which allow for adaptation to the requirements of each individual system. As a result, they are indispensable for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Characteristics of GFL agitators for an industrial chemical reactor

Industrial dessert plant

  • Propeller coating available in different materials: PVC, GRP (fibreglass), halar, ebonite… providing great results, even when working with corrosive products.
  • Special alloys such as Superduplex SAF 2507, SAF 2304 (AISI 316L duplex), Hastelloy C (like C22-C4-C276…), AISI 316Ti, AISI904L…
  • Various mechanical seal options: dry running, gas …
  • Designed for ATEX explosive atmospheres
  • It has a flange-lamp to dispel heat/install sealing elements.
  • It also has a turret with support bearings and a guiding tripod at the bottom for long shafts or complicated applications.

With these more complicated applications, it is essential that the agitation intensity corresponds to the operation taking place inside the industrial chemical reactor:

  • Gentle agitation for air-gasification or thermal exchanges
  • Batch or complete-mix reactor agitation
  • Vigorous agitation for neutralisers, dissolving or dilutions

Applications of GFL agitators in different industrial sectors

In the food sector they can be used to make all kinds of dairy desserts, liqueur cream, juices, gazpacho…

The most common applications within the pharmaceutical industry are homogenisation, temperature exchange, mixing and suspension for tablets, solutions or creams. Finally, we would also like to point out that as far as the chemical sector is concerned, they are usually used for homogenisation and agitation of medium and high volume tanks.


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