Solid base chloride Polyelectrolyte preparation plants

INOXMIM has designed POLIMIM solid base chloride polyelectrolyte preparation plants to optimise the flocculant preparation process and meet the requirements of the water treatment sector. These units are fitted with a complete control panel for monitoring and control during operation.


  • S – 500

  • S – 750

  • S – 1000

  • S – 1500

  • S – 2000

  • S – 3000

  • S – 4000

  • S – 5000

  • S – 6000  

  • S – 8000             

The different models are compact units which are essential for preparing chloride polyelectrolytes to be applied in the flocculation of industrial wastewater. Their optimised design, with a watering and humidification system, allows the powder to dissolve when sedimentation speed increases. Increasing the descent speed reduces dissolution time, since the solid particles are more easily attracted towards the agitator, thus facilitating hydration and homogenisation and avoiding the formation of bigger lumps than required.

During operation, chloride polyelectrolyte powder is poured in for dissolving, followed by flow adjustment (residence time) to achieve optimum ripeness. Moreover, these units are fitted with a baffle screen system to select the particles which can pass from one stage to the next, allowing repeatability of operations.

The preparation plants comprise a dosing hopper, several fast agitators, a tank with several compartments (depending on the model), a complete control panel, etc. For all these reasons, POLIMIM plants are a leader in wastewater treatment.


  • Solids incorporation hopper
  • Worm for dispensing product with varying speed
  • Regulation system for production flow adjustment
  • Automatic/manual cycle
  • 3 Chambers: Preparation / Ripening / Transfer
  • Input kit: electrovalves, pressure reducer, rotameter, valve, etc.


  • Tank and external parts material: AISI 304
  • Agitator material: AISI 316


  • Hopper level sensors
  • Flow measurer
  • SCADA System
  • Heating through element for the dispenser
  • Twin chamber system
  • Extraction pump


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